Student Survival Kit

Legal Survival Kit - for students

This free programme is designed to help students understand the rights, obligations & responsibilities of transitioning from a youth to an adult. Not knowing how to move forward as a member of the adult community can be confusing, with this programme property ownership, financial responsibility, responsibilities as a registered voter as well as dealing with our laws and the officers upholding them are explained.

Specially designed for Secondary School Students, First Year Tertiary Students (national & international)and Alternative Education Institutions.

It has been developed in such a way that it will encourage today’s youth to make informed, conscious and positive choices when moving into the “big wide world”. Our expected outcomes of this programme are outlined in the Survival Kit Booklet.

Some of the subjects covered in the programme are Tenancy Law, Employment Law, NZ Legal Systems, Consumer Law, Youth Rights and dealing with the Police.

Law in Schools

Our FREE “Law in Schools” programme is designed to spread awareness of laws that apply to youth and youth rights.

This programme will cover Youth rights, Cyber law (internet safety), Bullying, School discipline, Truancy, Youth & the Police, Consumer, Tenancy and Employment.